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Pinetop Fire District

1845 S. Pine Lake Rd. Pinetop | (928) 367-2199


Quality fire and emergency services protect your property values, keep insurance rates low, and play a key part in our community’s ability to attract residents and businesses.  Get the latest news from the Pinetop Fire District.

With dire warnings for businesses and residents, Pinetop-Lakeside Fire Chief Jim Morgan delivered an in-depth presentation on the current fire risks and future mitigation plans at the July 2 meeting of the Chamber of Commerce for Pinetop-Lakeside at the GreenTree Inn & Suites in Pinetop.

"Usually it is your worst day when you have to work with the fire department," said Morgan. "We are not just a 911 insurance policy; we are here to ensure your businesses and homes will be here in the future."

The Pinetop Fire District, providing fire, emergency and medical services to over 9,500 residents, sees its population double to more than 20,000 seasonally. Morgan highlighted the district’s history, saying, "We have been here since May 10, 1958. We run an emergency service agency where wildland fire is the highest risk, and falls for people over the age of 65 are the most life-threatening medical risk."

With more than 2,000 calls annually, 70% for emergency medical services, Morgan noted a rise in call volume and the growing threat of wildland fires. "There is a significant increase in fuel loading and more development in fire-dependent landscapes," he said, referencing the Rodeo-Chediski Fire of 2002, which devastated multiple communities and marked a historic wildfire event until the Wallow Fire in 2011.

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Pinetop Fire District Calls for November Bond Election

The proposal would allow the district to co-locate an emergency service response station along with the wildland fire fighting activities set for future Fire Station 10

PINETOP-LAKESIDE - (May 23, 2024) – Earlier this week, the Board of Directors for the Pinetop Fire District voted unanimously to call for a special election to seek voter approval to issue bonds for the purposes of building additional facilities, purchasing emergency equipment, and making other capital expenditures to improve fire and emergency coverage.  The decision was the culmination of several months of work consulting with bond experts, modeling response times, exploring financial impacts, and other research.  The $11.6 million proposal will now appear on the November 5, 2024, General Election Ballot.

Chief Jim Morgan explained, "The board and district management have diligently and thoroughly reviewed this issue over the past several months to work towards making this determination.  With the recent purchase of property for Fire Station 10 on the western boundary, voters will now have an opportunity to decide what will be located at that facility."

Recently, the Pinetop Fire District purchased property at 234 W. White Mountain Blvd. for the future site of Fire Station 10.  In addition, the district secured a federal grant to help pay for wildland fire fighting activities and provide base of operations for fighting wildfires at the new station.   According to United States Senator Mark Kelly in a release announcing the grant, "This project will construct a new wildland fire response station, which will house the district’s wildland fire response division. Pinetop Fire District serves a high-risk wildfire community, and this new facility will prevent and combat area wildfires."

"The district is considering co-locating an emergency service response station at Fire Station 10 to leverage these grants to allow us to use taxpayer money as effectively as possible," said John Rowlinson, Chair of the Pinetop Fire District Board, "Our board of directors has determined that a bond would be an effective way to provide the necessary local match for the wildland fire operations as well as expand coverage in a financially responsible way."

Bonds are used by Fire Districts to finance large capital projects like public safety facilities.  The district sells bonds to investors to generate funding for the projects and then pays the investors back with interest over a period of time, in this case an expected repayment of 25 years.  The sale and issuance of such general obligation bonds must first be authorized by a majority of the qualified electors of the District at a special bond election called for such purposes before the district can proceed. The estimated average tax rate for the proposed bond authorization is $0.4163 per $100 of net assessed limited property value.

"The $11.6 million figure would be the maximum amount that the District could issue," concluded Rowlinson, "However, we’re actively seeking additional street improvement and other grants to reduce the overall cost of the Fire Station 10.  If successful, the District may issue a lower amount to cover the costs of the project."

Over the next few months, the Pinetop Fire District will be providing the community with additional information regarding the bond and answering questions.  For more information, voters can visit or call (928) 367-2199.

About the Pinetop Fire District

The Pinetop Fire District provides fire, emergency, and medical services to more than 9,500 residents with a seasonal population that can double to more than 20,000.  The district has 25 full-time fire fighters, 6 wildland specialists, and can employ up to two dozen seasonal wildland firefighter employees depending on the needs of the community.  Currently the district is served by two stations – Station 11 on the 260 and Pine Lake Road and Station 12 on Buck Springs.  The Pinetop Fire District responds to approximately more than 2,000 calls a year for service – 70% of which are for emergency medical services.

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Kelly, Sinema Deliver Nearly $126 Million for Arizona Priorities & Projects

Senators announce major federal investments for counties, cities, and towns

Arizona Senators Mark Kelly and Kyrsten Sinema announced that they secured $125,887,493 in federal investments for Arizona priorities and projects that support local law enforcement, flood control efforts, western rural water, "forever chemicals" removal, military installations, transportation, and more. These were passed as part of the first annual government funding bill for FY24. 

These federal investments for Arizona will support projects at the county, city, and local levels that enhance the safety, security, and health of Arizona communities.  

"This funding is a game changer in reducing wildfire risk!  The White Mountains know wildfire. The June 2002 Rodeo Chediski Wildfire demonstrated how revenging wildfire is and the risk to the communities of Pinetop-Lakeside, Show Low, and surrounding areas," said Pinetop Fire District Chief Jim Morgan. "Senators Kelly and Sinema’s unwavering commitment to addressing wildfire issues, worked to secure funding for a wildfire response station for the Pinetop Fire District. The Pinetop Wildland Fire Response station will ensure that wildfire mitigation work and rapid wildfire response will give our White Mountain communities a fighting chance when the next wildfire rears its ugly head." 

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Kelly, Sinema Deliver Over $61.7 Million For Arizona Wildfire Prevention, Military Installations Projects, Affordable Housing Development, and More in First Part of Annual Budget Bill

Senators secured major investments for local Arizona communities that strengthen flood and wildfire prevention, support military servicemembers and their families, invest in affordable housing, and more

Package includes funding for a Kelly and Sinema-backed initiative to create a service center in Gila County for veterans suffering from injuries or trauma

Arizona Senators Mark Kelly and Kyrsten Sinema announced major federal investments they secured across Arizona in the first part of the Fiscal Year 2024 bipartisan federal appropriations legislation. Kelly and Sinema secured $61,765,000 for key projects in every corner of the state – including funds to strengthen flood prevention, improve wildfire response, provide child care services and clean water at military installations, construct affordable housing for seniors, and more.  

The package includes funding to complete a Kelly and Sinema-backed initiative to convert a former Forest Service fire station into a service center that will help veterans recover from service-related injuries and trauma.  

Pinetop Wildland Fire Response Station   Pinetop Fire District  $3,274,000  Pinetop Wildland Fire Response Station – This project will construct a new wildland fire response station, which will house the district’s wildland fire response division. Pinetop Fire District serves a high-risk wildfire community, and this new facility will prevent and combat area wildfires.  

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September 20, 2023

For Immediate Release:

The Pinetop Fire District is pleased to announce that the agency has received a grant award from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety for the FFY 2022 for the purchase of extrication equipment. The grant award in the amount of $30,000.00 will purchase extrication equipment to increase the effectiveness of our rescuers’ ability to extricate victims involved in vehicle crashes. The equipment’s improved technology will allow resources to shave minutes off the extrication functions at crashes ultimately improving injury and mortality outcomes due to vehicle crashes and entrapment.


Jim Morgan, Fire Chief
Pinetop Fire District

The Pinetop Fire District's "A" Shift with Chief Jim Morgan and Fire Marshal Kelly Wood, along with the Town of Pinetop-Lakeside, U.S. Forest Service, Tracks and White Mountain Open Trails Association, Saturday May 6, 2017 performed a clean-up in part of the Woodland Lake area, along the south side of the lake, between the paved path and the south parking lot by the ball fields.

Together the group cut and hauled out 7 dump truck loads of branches & slash to green waste. It was a great time for all.

Thank you for all who helped to make our park a little nicer.

Working Smoke Alarms Saves Lives

Smoke alarms are an integral component of a home fire escape plan.
Check them once a month and replace them every ten years!

Please contact Fire Marshal Chad Berlin for more information at (928) 367-2199
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New Trail Marking System in the White Mountains!!!

The trail marking system was installed by TRACKS

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Photos of the Community Firewise Open House

A photo album of the June 20 Community Firewise Event are available via the following link:
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With more than 100,000 crashes a year due to texting alone, you might think people would get the hint that is just not worth dying or killing someone over.

Most of the phone companies have put out public service messages on TV asking you not to text and drive.

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We are still having some problems with residences and businesses not having addresses on them or where they can be seen from the road, day or night!

Please, post your address, help us find you in times of an emergency.
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